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This article is a tribute to my late teacher, David Chen,
co-authored by his students and friends shortly after David's
passing.  Chen Laoshi was a wonderful taiji player and teacher
and an exceptional person.  He is deeply missed by us all.
"You want it, nobody can stop you.  You don't want it, nobody can help you."
Grandmaster Benjamin Lo
"If one approaches the study of this art without perseverance, not only is it a
waste of time, but one emerges empty-handed from a mountain of treasures."
Professor Cheng Man-Ching
" Taijiquan is an investment that grows over time and
pays dividends in all areas of our lives."

"You have to make your own practice a success."

"Don't try to surpass another's ability; instead, surpass your own."

"Don't just
do the movements - feel them!"

David C. Chen
List of all postures in the Cheng Man-Ching Tai Chi Form
Guidelines for Tai Chi practice according to basic Tai Chi Principles
Tai Chi Videos & DVDs, including instructional DVDs of our form
Books with illustrations and instructions on the tai chi form
taught in class - suitable for beginners
Books by Professor Cheng on the tai chi form and
philosophy, plus books from students in the lineage
Books on the Tai Chi Classics and Tai Chi
and Martial Arts history
Other interesting books on the Tai Chi and related internal arts
Professor Cheng can be seen doing his tai chi form in videos on Youtube.

Videos of Professor Cheng Man-Ching on Youtube
David Chen was a successful commercial artist, as well as an
avid practitioner and teacher of Taijiquan.  His book,
When Yin
Meets Yang, Illustrated Wisdom on Taijiquan and Its Philosophy
beautifully combines both of his arts.
David Chen Memorial Tai Chi Practice Court - students, family,
and friends, working with Montgomery County, built an
outdoor practice area in Cabin John Regional Park
Robert Chuckrow's step-by step
instructions with photos