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Dr. Arnold Lee (1941- )

Student of Grandmaster Ben Lo
His school, Maryland Tai Chi Chuan Center,
is located in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Info on Maryland Tai Chi Chuan Center
Yang Cheng-Fu (1883-1936)

Third generation lineage holder
of Yang Family Taijiquan
Professor Cheng Man-Ching

Student of Yang Cheng-Fu
Created the Yang Short Form
Popularized taijiquan in the West
Master of the Five Excellences
Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo (1927- )

Longtime student of Professor Cheng
Based in the San Francisco area
Holds taiji workshops throughout the world

Benjamin Lo
P.O. Box 210537, San Francisco, CA 94121-0537
David Chen (1955-2005) &
Joanne Chang (1967- )

Students of Dr. Arnold Lee
Founders of Wu Wei Tai Chi Club
in Rockville, MD

Wu Wei Tai Chi Club
Dr. Randolph Atkins (1955- )

Student of David Chen & Joanne Chang

Given permission to teach by
David Chen & Joanne Chang
Randy with David Chen at Ben Lo workshop
Randy playing push-hands with Joanne Chang

“A master is to teach us to be a student of Taiji, not his.”
                                                                                   - David C. Chen -