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At                                                           , we practice the style of tai chi
known as the Cheng Man Ching or the Yang Style Short Form or the
37-Postures.  It was developed by Professor Cheng Man-Ching
(right) and is based on the traditional Yang Style of Professor
Cheng's teacher, Yang Cheng-Fu.

Tai chi practice at Inner Balance focuses on our health & well-being,
self-cultivation, and applications.  The pillars of our practice are
standing meditation, form practice, and push-hands.

We respect each student as an individual practicing tai chi at their
own comfortable pace and toward their own personal goals.  

Yang Cheng-fu

Prof. Cheng Man-Ching

Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo

Dr. Arnold Lee

David Chen & Joanne Chang

Dr. Randy Atkins
"Use the time to cultivate the ch'i and 'seek the released mind.'  If you can
do this, you can practice Tai Chi Ch'uan at any moment all day long."  
Professor Cheng Man-Ching
"Just an experienced tour guide showing the direction"
David Chen